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I was originally going to title this article “Will the real ascended master please stand up?” and begin by talking about all the various channelers who claim to be messengers for the masters, such as the true messenger, David C. Lewis, but who are mouthpieces for entities that pretend to be ascended masters. But I don’t like to focus on the negative, and I don’t want to be responsible for introducing the false hierarchy to readers, some of whom may be seduced by seeming words of wisdom, despite my warning.

So I will focus on the real Ascended Masters, the saints of all ages and cultures, those who founded the Theosophical Society,  and the recent ascended masters who graduated from schoolhouse earth through Theosophy, the Agni Yoga Society, The I AM Activity, the Bridge to Freedom, the Summit Lighthouse, and the Hearts Center.

Therese Emmanuel Grey, a student of the masters and web designer, has created yet another website. I have written articles about her Lightbearers Worldwide site and Etheric Retreats site. Now she is unveiling ascendedmasterindex.com. On the home page, she has this introduction:

“There is only one God, one body of God, one geometry of divinity, one divine energy that expresses itself as Father, Mother, Christ and Holy Spirit. We are all adepts in the making.

“This divine seed-potential is locked within each of us. It unfolds and grows as we make the choices through our free will personality that allow our soul to draw closer to our divine self. Step by step, we become adepts. We assimilate the consciousness Christ. We anchor the full dominion of Sons and Daughters of God. We receive the twelve gifts of the Holy Spirit and become masters of life, light, truth and love. We fulfill our reason for being and become permanent atoms in the body of God. We ascend home to the original state of divine oneness that our souls knew before our descent into matter, free at last from the rounds of rebirth.

“Many beings have walked this path before us. They are our brothers and sisters of light who have ascended into the heavens, into higher realms of consciousness and service. These ascended masters point the way home for us to follow. They are as close to us as our very breath. It is only a matter of attuning our consciousness.

“Masters and heavenly beings are as innumerable as the stars. A finite number, however, specifically serve the souls on earth. They have given us their names so that we may call upon them. When we do so, they are able to intercede in our lives and help us resolve challenges, put on more of our spiritual nature and become candidates for the ascension.”

The website have several categories of masters and heavenly beings who together make up the Great White Brotherhood (our spiritual brothers and sisters of white light). These include: angels, buddhas, cosmic beings, gods and goddesses, elemental beings, ascended masters, unascended masters, chohans, karmic board, solar hirarchies, and recent ascensions. I enjoyed scrolling through the recent ascensions and finding photos and stories about people I knew and worked with in the Summit Lighthouse and the Heart Center who are now ascended masters. I also found Peter Deunov’s picture and story. The website is a tribute to the most recent ascended master, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, who Therese worked closely with, and who some refer to as Guru Ma and others Clare de Lis as her ascended name.

The website also has tabs for links to various related websites and organizations, videos, and the etheric retreats. The Spiritual Help tab lists ascended masters you can pray to for help with specific problems. The tab on My Ascension spells out in detail the various steps involved in making your ascension and becoming an ascended master. There is a link to Therese’s book Miracles, Masters and Mirth, which details her relationships with the masters in the trials and victories in her life. Throughout the website you will find dozens of pictures of masters and angels painted by the messenger Nicholas Roerich. There are also some of Therese’s paintings as well as those of my artist friend Marius Michael George. The image above is “The Angel of Wealth” is by Marius.

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